Fitness is a commonly used word in our society today but within the military it has a particularly deeper meaning. Total Fitness represents a balance between readiness and well-being, where each of these two conditions are mutually supporting.

Our Approach to the Warrior WellTM Design
Several research methodologies were utilized to examine the complex role of fitness within the Military, including many one-on-one interviews and focus groups with both military personnel and their families. Discussions included the effects of transitions between military and civilian lifestyles, challenges to readiness and wellness, sources of influence and other considerations. To complement this human factor research, we compiled extensive qualitative and quantitative resource intelligence to inform our product development lifecycle.

Becoming Resilient
Using theories on behavior change and the principles of lifestyle modification, we have developed resilience principles that help soldiers link the actions they are taking to improve their health into other domains of their life.  As soldiers succeed with their health, they become more resilient; they see themselves as capable individuals who are more prepared to persevere through tough times, approaching each day with the tools to sustain wellness and readiness.

The Right Leaders
Coaching helps soldiers place value on their individual health while discovering the actions necessary to build sustainable change.   Through one-on-one consultations, weekly team calls, text messages, and monthly group sessions, the coach helps move soldiers through the stages of change at a pace that is unique to the individual while helping the team meet their overall wellness goal.

Balanced Nutrition
What goes into the body dictates overall performance. We teach soldiers to become aware of what they are eating and why. As they begin to make positive changes in their diet, dramatic improvements can be seen in the areas of readiness and resilience. Through journaling, and daily online reporting of their nutrition intake, soldiers begin to see the incremental steps they are taking towards reaching their total health goals.

A Physical Lifestyle
Engaging in an exercise routine should stimulate muscles, not annihilate them.It should leave individuals feeling energized, not exhausted.  Our physical readiness methodologies keep the soldiers’ exercise routine focused, efficient, and effective, aimed to build muscular strength and endurance, while being adaptable to the performance characteristics needed for any military occupation.

Team First
The Warrior Well experience mirrors military culture in that the team is stronger than the individual. Research shows that lifestyle changes are enhanced by support of even just one other person sharing the challenge. By fostering an environment that allows soldiers to support and encourage one another, individuals can meet their goals while being accountable to their team.

the formula
The Formula
Warrior Well combines key elements to achieve total health: stress management, complete balanced nutrition, multi-layered accountability, and physical readiness. Participants envision, achieve, and sustain total health, which is reinforced by military personnel and practiced daily in a team atmosphere and at home with family.
Research and Analysis
The Basefit team utilized key research and analysis to inform much of our program development. Some of the top experts and organizations include:
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy Behavioral
  • Total Force Fitness for the 21st Century Conference Reports
  • Human Performance Resource Center
  • Defense Center of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • American Psychological Association
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • American College of Sports Medicine

Rear Admiral, Ret. Richard Jeffries D.O. on Basefit:

Dr. J.

The individual needs to be fit, needs to be resilient, needs to be ready, fit in all aspects. Body, mind and of course nutritionally and that is what Basefit is based around. This is a program that talks about the total force: the individual, the team, and the communtiy coming together to be healthy.

We've incorporated the aspect of team into the program. Most programs on the market are individual based, by having someone on the left and right doing the program at the same time is highly motivating to everyone and the team sees success together.