The BasefitTM mission is focused on addressing two primary challenges our military faces; maintaining the health and readiness of our nation’s warfighters and their families, and creating employment opportunities for those who have served or are currently serving.

The Partnership
Cambia Health Solutions has partnered with military health experts, leaders, and the Oregon National Guard to understand and address key factors that will improve and sustain military readiness. These partnerships along with Cambia’s expertise in health and wellness inspired the creation of the Basefit initiative.

Warrior WellTM
This program is the first designed by the Basefit team, and was specifically created for Guardsmen, Reservists, and their families to help them achieve their total health and readiness goals.

Warrior Well is a solution that provides Guardsmen and Reservists training in fitness, nutrition, and resilience in a team setting, delivered by certified coaches with military backgrounds. By combining key elements; stress management, complete mindful nutrition, multi-layered accountability, and physical readiness, participants significantly improved their ability to meet and sustain military physical fitness requirements while becoming more resilient at home and work.

Warrior Well has been tailored to reach the National Guard and Reserves who, by the nature of their duties, have limited access to available base level support programs. This unique hybrid engagement model uses targeted in-person training methods and a state-of-the-art technology platform to provide key stakeholders real-time access to team training progress on or off the base.

Oregon Air National Guard 142nd Fighter Wing
Major General Raymond F. Rees approved the first pilot with the Oregon National Guard. Over the course of the pilot, 47 Guardsmen lost a total of 444 lbs. of fat (exceeding the ORANG’s goal of 400 lbs.). Thirteen of the participants who previously failed their fitness tests passed. Participants reported significant improvements in stress management, family support, energy, and effectiveness meeting daily goals. Multiple participants were able to reduce or eliminate medications, achieve personal bests on their annual Physical Fitness Tests, and return to performing full job duties.

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From the Oregon Air National Guard 142nd Fighter Wing
My outlook has really changed. I feel more positive and try to contribute rather than hunker down and just do my job. The mental benefits of this program were entirely unexpected and are completely awesome.
This lifestyle promotes a healthier me which I feel will enable me to give the best to my job and co-workers.
Warrior Well has reached me like no other program I’ve tried before could. I think it might be the team dynamic. That was the most effective thing: being able to support each other.