BasefitTM combines total health training in a team environment directed by expert coaches with military experience.

Team Training

Each team member is held accountable to their team through the entire experience. Support your team goals by meeting your own.

Building Resilience

With a strong total health foundation, each team member will become more resilient, which in turn will sustain wellness and readiness.

Physical Readiness

Learn physical training routines based on proven methods of strength and cardiovascular science, which can be completed anywhere despite busy work and life schedules.

Balanced Nutrition

Learn how to balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats which will create the foundation to reduce body fat, improve health, and lift energy levels.

Coach Training

Basefit trains Guardsmen and Reservists as coaches, mentors, and teachers to strengthen the team and serve the mission.


Basefit is hiring our heroes as catalysts to maintain the total health of our armed services and country.